Ruby on rails example sites – some examples to expand your knowledge

Ruby on rails example sites – some examples to expand your knowledge

Ruby on rails – basic knowledge

To begin with, to start the topic Ruby on Rail at all and to provide interesting ruby on rails example sites, we need to understand what the mysterious Ruby on Rail actually is. The abbreviation often used on the network is RoR, which means a free framework for web applications that was written in Ruby. Ruby is a popular programming language that was created by the Japanese – Yukihiro Matsumoto. What makes this programming language different? It was created in such a way that a programmer using Ruby can create the language in the easiest way to achieve the planned effect. So the biggest advantages of this programming language are the intuitiveness and pleasure with which you write applications in Ruby.

ruby on rails example sites

Ruby on rails example sites – 5 examples

Research that was done in 2019 says that rails is the 11th most popular internet platform among professional programmers. Despite the fact that this language was created 15 years ago. Ruby on rails example sites – you’ll be amazed at how popular sites use this programming language. Among them is the airbnb website, which was founded in 2008. We probably know him all now. Basecamp or 1 project management tool also uses Ruby on Rails. Social platform for programmers -GitHub. A huge community of 31 million users, the language of Yukihiro Matsumoto was also used here. The code language is also used by the site, which is a paradise for lovers of bargains, Groupon, and also the world’s leading online book catalog, Goodreads.

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