A Funny Pig Christmas Bauble

A Funny Pig Christmas Bauble

Nowadays, there are Christmas baubles for everyone. If you love animals, there are even animal-shaped baubles, too! Although, a pig Christmas bauble is great for anyone who simply likes funny decorations.

Pig Christmas bauble – characteristics of the product

A pig Christmas bauble is essentially an 8 cm glass bauble shaped like a cartoonish pig’s head. It has ears and nose, and funny googly eyes that might look a bit crazy. The glass bauble is hand-made in Poland, while the design and personalized add-ons are done in Australia. The base color is light pink, but the ears and nose and colored in a more bright color. The top of the bauble is covered lightly with pink sprinkles. There is also plenty of space on the back of the bauble for a dedication, e.g. a name, date, or message to your loved one.

pig Christmas bauble with loopy eyes

Who would like this Christmas bauble?

Children who like watching Peppa Pig will adore this pig-shaped bauble. However, not only kids might like it! Owners of mini pigs and people with a light sense of humor (any inside jokes involving pigs?) might also find this bauble absolutely adorable. Just make sure no one will take it personally, and a perfect small Christmas present is ready!

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