Skills-based Hiring Approach

Skills-based Hiring Approach

In the modern world, professionals are non-linear. That means most of their skills may be left behind in a resume, so recruiters risk overseeing the talents they are looking for. So, how to perform skills-based hiring?

Are resumes not good for skills-based hiring?

The problem with resumes lies in their biased nature and certain limitations, as candidates’ profiles are limited to 1-2 pages on a resume. Moreover, most recruiters use applicant tracking software that automates screening resumes. It is convenient for the team but has its downsides, too. For example, the software might screen a candidate as a positive because of keyword stuffing in their resume.  On the other hand, qualified candidates might be screened out if their resume does not match the keyword filters or is outdated. Thus, resumes are not efficient when it comes to skills-based hiring.

skills-based hiring with PitchMe

Skills-based hiring with PitchMe

To hire specialists based on their skills and qualifications, a new kind of hiring software was developed. PitchMe applies a data-driven approach to candidate profiling. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to build the most complete, real-time profile of each candidate. The software combines a resume with a candidate’s digital traits such as personal or professional websites, social profiles, etc. In this way, both the hard and soft skills of candidates are displayed in their profiles. With this skills-based hiring approach, recruiters can hire more efficiently and shorten the hiring process.

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