Frozen Red Christmas Bauble as a Present Idea

Frozen Red Christmas Bauble as a Present Idea

It is impossible to imagine Christmas without a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. And baubles are, of course, the most popular decoration. There are endless options for bauble design, but if you like a classic yet beautiful version of the bauble, a frozen red Christmas bauble would be a superb option to go for.

Why choose a frozen red Christmas bauble?

There are several reasons why we can recommend this type of bauble. First of all, it is the festive design that makes you feel the Christmas spirit. This is a plain red bauble made of glass produced in Europe and decorated with a frozen finish. Another reason is that you can dedicate this frozen red Christmas bauble as you wish. Thus, it makes for a great present! Last but not least, the manufacturer offers great shipping options.

 frozen red christmas bauble without a dedicated painting

How is this type of Christmas bauble made?

Christmas baubles are an old European tradition, originating from Germany around 500 years ago. Shortly after World War II, European migrants spread it around the world. Glass baubles undergo a silvering process that helps show their vibrant colours better. The next step is applying the base colour and a finish. The last part is the most difficult, as artists individually hand paint every single design onto each bauble.

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