IOS 13 segmented control – new version, new problems

IOS 13 segmented control – new version, new problems

New IOS – what’s new?

You probably do not need to convince you that the smartphones that are offered by Apple are one of the most popular in the world. They are bought by both influencers and enthusiasts of electronics, gadgets as well as people who really use them only when taking high-quality photos or videos. An interesting fact is that a new version of the software used by Apple phones, namely iOS 13, has appeared on the market. Interestingly, a lot has changed in Xcode as well as Swift – the Swift user interface. If you already have an account in the appstore ios 13 segmented control may be a problem for you in this case.

ios 13 segmented control

IOS 13 segmented control

To start with, it’s worth knowing what Segmented Control is. It is a set of two or more segments arranged in a line, each of which acts as mutually exclusive buttons. What challenges does ios 13 segmented control pose to us? Is it possible to influence the functioning of the system in this respect? A specialist from Prograils company, explains this issue in a specialized article on the official Prograils blog – if you are interested in news in this field, it is worth reading! What’s more, through the blog you can also find solutions to problems that may affect the non-intuitive use of the IOS system. Interesting? There is nothing to wait for!

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