World Map Canvas

World Map Canvas

Even the biggest travel lover has to stay home. While doing so, some people might plan their future adventures, while others might reminiscence over the past ones. World map canvas can be your travel diary!

What is world map canvas?

World map canvas is a world map print on a high-quality canvas, placed on a wooden panel. The product is handmade and ready to be hung. It offers a perfect surface for pinning, so you can easily pin your past travel destinations and showcase them to visitors. To make the map truly yours, you can also personalize it. The manufacturer offers multiple customization options, including wooden panel size, colors and fonts used, graphic add-ons: map legends, quotes, and clip arts. You don’t need to worry about the colors as the canvas has UV protective satin finish. One thing you should be aware of is that due to the scale of the map, some cities and islands might be missing from it.

World map canvas as a whole

Who would love a map canvas?

World map canvas¬†might be a great present idea for an adventurous soul. Firstly, it is a top-notch wall art piece. Secondly, one can use the map to plan travels or to preserve precious memories from them. Last but not least, you can personalize the map, so it fits the person’s liking.

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