Wooden qi wireless charger – trendy gadget for You

Wooden qi wireless charger – trendy gadget for You

Nature – this is fashionable

Fashion is not only focused on dresses, shoes, bags, shirts and other items of clothing. Fashion is also gadgets, used by us on a daily basis. On both fashion and interior design, we can see that natural materials are increasingly used. Why? Because as customers we are more and more picky and good quality is more  important to us as in interior as in everyday life. We prefer natural products like wood or linen from polyester or plastic. That is why wooden elements appear in projects such as bags or belts. Interestingly, there are companies in the local markets that produce items from wood or stone or concrete. Oakywood is one of them. It was they who designed the wooden qi wireless charger that we want to tell you a little bit about today.

Wooden qi wireless charger

wooden qi wireless charger

Wooden objects are, in our opinion, elegant accessories both for interior design and for our outfits. We can see people on the streets with wooden glasses, jewelry or watches, and even handbags entirely made of wood. wooden qi wireless charger is a gadget for fans of it. Works well with iphons but also with other phone models. It is not only designer but also incredibly functional. No more cables that are constantly lost – you will not need them anymore!

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