Women’s fitness clothes – how to buy a good one?

Women’s fitness clothes – how to buy a good one?

What shoes, outfit and underwear should I buy when planning a workout at the gym or in the fitness room? It turns out that not only the shoes are important and the whole set. Today we are telling you what to look for when choosing a gym outfit. We invite you to read.

Women’s fitness clothes – Fabric material

Every day,  better to choose materials that are made of natural fibers with a possible small amount of synthetics (elastane, polyester, polyamide). In the case of a gym or fitness outfit, I can not imagine a better material than a polyester and polyamide. Yes, there is sportswear made of wool, but it is much more expensive, harder to maintain, dries more slowly and has lower abrasion resistance. Materials made of synthetic fibers (microfiber, soft shell) thanks to modern technologies drain water, are wind and waterproof, breathable (materials with a membrane), resistant to abrasion, easy to maintain, quick-drying.

women's fitness clothes

Fashion and color

There is a huge selection of styles and colors of sports clothing on the market, which we can match to our figure and preferences. leggings with a length of 3/4, perfect for spring and summer and for the winter model with long legs. The advantage of this type of shorts is their lightness, durability and quick drying. If we decide on cotton, we have to reckon with abrasions, less elasticity, leggings can shine through in places where they are the most stretched. When it comes to color, it’s worth choosing  women’s fitness clothes in dark colors or patterns that make any folds less visible. Bright, uniform colors are merciless for the silhouette. Only people who have been practicing for a while and have a beautiful figure can afford lighter shades. If you want to emphasize round, practiced shapes, choose gray, fashionable this season!

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