Winemaking – a noble labour for refined pleasure

Winemaking – a noble labour for refined pleasure

Winemaking – why is this a noble labour?

what is winemakingOnce my school friend was telling me about his father and he said that he had “respect” for wine – it got me interested back then, when I knew nothing about alcohol (and that’s probably the way it should have been!) but “respect” for wine did sound really interesting.

Now, today, we discuss here the topic of winemaking – that is, engaging in an activity of not getting your wine from shop, but making it with your own hands. What does it mean? Well, it’s something like a hobby and many more people nowadays are discovering it. But it’s a craft that was alive also in the past several decades. My own father used to make wine in our home. Maybe then the motivation was different, maybe it was financial, maybe not, I’m not sure.

But this is not the most important part, since it was then and now is now. Now things are different. Let’s have a closer look…

Wine hobby today

winemaking - guess whatBut today winemaking is getting more and more refined. As a part of your hobby, you  can start getting deeper and deeper into the secrets of how to prepare wine, and many diverse kinds of it. Starting from the simplest ones, through the ones more and more complicated, knowing how different yeasts work and what effect can be expected from each.

It’s a real adventure here. really.  More of the technical details about the products needed to start your own winemaking journey you can see here:

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