Veja shoes – ecological and designer product

Veja shoes – ecological and designer product

There are several strategic places in the world that have a huge impact on the world of fashion and thus what we wear in a given season. Of course it is Milan, the world capital of fashion but also New York or London as well as France. The latter, especially in recent years, very much focuses on the attention of all people who are interested in fashion.

Veja – franch brand

Veja is really new on the market, the French Brand, which manufactures both designer footwear and accessories. The brand was founded in 2014, so at the moment it already has 16 years of experience in the fashion industry. An interesting fact is that the brand was created in response to the needs of people, who are interested in fashion and pay attention to its individual aspects. What are the needs that you need? For access to great quality products, that will be made with care for fashionable styles and colors, but with ecology in mind! Example? Veja shoes!

white veja shoes

Veja shoes – how to use eco trend

It is a brand that produces in northeastern Brazil and that’s where organic cotton comes from, which is used to make veja products. In addition, the brand has been using vegetable-tanned organic leather since 2006. Interestingly, the waterproof mesh that is found on veja shoes is made of recycled plastic bottles!

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