It’s Major Tom – and my Vans’ Space Voyagers!

It’s Major Tom – and my Vans’ Space Voyagers!

Major Tom would wear Vans Space Voyager

Vans Space Voyager showcasing, that's a single=, lush piece of the collectionEver thought of going extraterrestrial?  Dreamt of outer space, as Space Voyager maybe? Well, for the last six decades of our time on Earth there has been a bunch of people dedicated to making that dream come true, step by step, investing huge amounts of money and brain work, too. They’re called NASA, and the six decades I mentioned is not a mere estimate, but an exact date – this year the agency turns 60 years old.

For all the time of its functioning, they became a symbol, so that the whole popular culture could incorporate what’s associated with NASA to its products.

So, therefore, as NASA is celebrating the round number, all of those subjects – Vans including – are also co celebrating, releasing the results of their work – Vans Space Voyager sneakers mini collection – and tapping therefore into to stream of space fascination that NASA turns into palpable reality.

The fascinaction you can wear

hey there, take a look at those Vans Space Voyager available now!Vans are one of those brands that chose to design, manufacture and market the products that are to pay tribute to the six decades of an intensive presence of human sapiens in the outer space. Vans Space Voyager is a dedicated line of kicks, with design employing symbols and motifs distinctive to NASA.

More about those kicks here:

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