The best online platforms to learn UX & UI design!

The best online platforms to learn UX & UI design!

UX & UI designWould you like to learn more about UX & UI design? Are you interested in what makes a digital product more successful than the competition?  User experience becomes one of the key elements of building websites or mobile applications. Read this article and learn more on the best web platforms to learn about UX and UI.

Become a UX enthusiast!

More and more software houses offer not only end-frond or back-end development services as well as UX/UI. As a result, an increasing number of internet platforms dedicated to UX & UI design enthusiasts are being established. One of them is Interaction Design Foundation – it is undoubtedly one of the most trusted sources of knowledge about UX courses and content. It is also currently a large community of people who currently work in UX research and design.

It’s time to learn more about UX & UI Design!

You will also find other platforms offering various types of UX/UI courses for both beginners and more advanced people. We recommend Courser, Udemy or CareerFoundry – every year thousands of people buy courses there. Of course, most of them aren’t free-of-charge, but keep in mind that buying a course online is considerably less expensive than going for a weekend course about UX & UI design.

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