Universal enclosures

Universal enclosures

The universal enclosure is the basis of every electronic construction. This the most popular type of enclosures, due to the wide range of versions available, allows installing various systems inside.

We match electronic equipment enclosures mostly to the shape and size of the content. The universal enclosure can be equipped with many facilities that will make it easier to adapt it to the specific use. An example of it can be a flap and a place for batteries. Proper guides will simplify the placement of the plate inside. Ventilated enclosures will provide appropriate air flow. If a keyboard is necessary to man the electronics – you will also be able to find the product with the appropriate socket in which it can be inserted. Of course, there is plenty of similar examples.

Universal enclosures – types and construction
Universal enclosures in TME offer

Due to the availability of various construction materials and cover colors, the universal enclosure can also be adapted to the surrounding. This may not be a crucial issue, but it is very important while mounting the installation in particularly visible places. However, the basis is safety of human who should not have any access to live components. The protection of the system itself is also important, thus choosing proper tightness is essential.

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