Transistors offered by the TME store come from such manufacturers as DC Components, Ixys, Macom or ON Semiconductor. Among the available elements you can find IGBT, JFET, Mosfet, NPN and PNP. When it comes to their power, it varies between 0.05W and 30 kW. It is worth mentioning that the assortment includes both bipolar and unipolar variants. Respectively, bipolar transistors consist of semiconductors with a different type of conductivity and unipolar transistors consist of semiconductors with the same type of conductivity.

Transistors in offer TME - electronic components store

Where are transistors used?

These elements, thanks to their ability to amplify electric signal, can be found in majority of various devices. However, they occur mostly in various types of amplifiers: differential, power, operational, wideband and selective. The transistors have also quickly become one of the most important parts of electric current sources, stabilizers and voltage regulators as well as generators. They are useful wherever it is necessary to build one or more logic gates. You can find them almost everywhere, especially in ROM and RAM memories.

How can you categorise them?

As mentioned above, the transistors can be divided into unipolar and bipolar. Additionally, they can be also categorised according to two features – their power and frequency. The materials used for their construction are germanium, silicon, gallium arsenide, gallium nitride and silicon carbide. Nowadays, the second of the abovementioned materials is particularly popular and germanium is used especially in high-frequency technology.

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