Discover the top restaurants in the UAE!

Discover the top restaurants in the UAE!

Are you going to the UAE this year? This is one of the most visited countries in the world. Read this article and find out what top restaurants in the UAE you can choose.

Cuisine in the UAE

UAE is famous for its delicious cuisine – both elegant and street food. So if you’re going to the UAE, there are plenty of restaurants and bars in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi that will surely delight you not only with delicious food but also with their design. You’ll be surprised how much eastern cuisine is different from the European one we know on a daily basis. There are plenty of top restaurants in UAE that are worth a visit – in this article I will give you a couple of my absolute favorites.

Visit one of the top restaurants in the UAE!

top restaurants in uaeIf you’re going to Dubai, my definitely favorite city, visit Coya. This fancy restaurant was opened in 2014 and is located at the Four Seasons Resort. This vibrant place is one of the favorite restaurants most often chosen by the local community. If you plan to travel to Abu Dhabi, go to Atayeb. This amazing restaurant is worth visiting not only for delicious food but also for… the view! Spend a lovely evening with real Mediterranean food and a breathtaking view. These are my definitely top restaurants in the UAE, there are obviously more. So it’s worth discovering the local food while travelling to this beautiful country.

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