Top hidden places in Dubai – discover this amazing city!

Top hidden places in Dubai – discover this amazing city!

The Dubai Expo 2020 – one of the most important events of recent years – will be held in 2020, so this is an excellent opportunity to visit the city and discover the top hidden places in Dubai. Read this article and learn more.

What secret places do we find in Dubai?

Dubai is a city where different cultures meet. So it is a great place for anyone who would like to explore new cultures and try local cuisine. In Dubai you will find restaurants, bars and food trucks, where you can try food from many countries, especially from different Arab countries. You will find there both fancy restaurants as well as smaller pubs run by the locals. The restaurants are certainly on the list of the top hidden places in Dubai.

What other top hidden places does Dubai offer us?

Top hidden places in DubaiDubai is an excellent place for all adventurers – about 50 km from the city center there is a huge desert. Go there, rent a jeep and feel the freedom crossing the desert. And in the evening you will be able to relax in a spa or restaurant, which you will find plenty of near this desert. Expo 2020 is therefore an ideal occasion to discover this fascinating city. No wonder that every year millions of tourists are so eager to visit Dubai. Discover the top hidden places in Dubai!

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