The Nadir dress – choose it today!

The Nadir dress – choose it today!

Spectacular look – what it does mean, only woman knows. Fabulous look, with a long, well-fitted dress is a recipe for a long, perfect night. Red is, indeed, the shade of fire, passion, strenght and power. The Nadir dress shall be then, the best choice to make an entrance, regaldress of occasion.

Red, long gown with cut

Lou dress, mede of delicate, silky fabric, will cover your curves like the second skin. Long, thin fabric, meets the expecatations for a confident, good-looking woman that is in need for a well-fitted dress,  accentuating waist and hipline alongside with a deep neckline and additional exposing of woman’s back. The Nadir dress was inspired by the Hollywood’s, long gowns worn by the most famous actress and people of the public.

The Nadir dress - check it out.

The Nadir dress – fine, long, intensively red model for you

Maxi dress has thiny straps and crease on the front side. Deep, sensual cutting, form the top of the hip, gives it a special, modern, sexy look. The Nadir dress is available of Lou store. If you’re interested in such fashionable solutions, get to know with wide range of offer, especially for special occasions. We have something really special for you. Check it out today!

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