THC-O vape – what is it?

THC-O vape – what is it?

THC-O vape is said to be a great alternative to the traditional vaping experience. Keep reading this article to learn why is that!

What is THC-O vape?

THC-O vape is quite new on the market. THC-O (also known as THC-O acetate, THC acetate, and ATHC) is a synthetic cannabinoid manufactured from hemp. When compared to other alternatives, it is approximately 3 times as potent as Delta-9-THC and 5 times more potent than Delta-8.

thc-o vape different flavors

THC-O vape on the market

There are quite a few products with THC-O available on the market. One of the most interesting is THC-O disposable vape. Not only it is filled with potent, premium quality and laboratory tested THC-O, it is also a great alternative to vape cartridges. No cartridge to fill – no mess to take care of! Moreover, disposable vape pens are fully rechargeable, so there’s no need to worry about the liquid running out before the battery. Thus, the product is easy to use even when travelling or while running errands. Simply inhale on the device when you need to calm your body and mind.

It is worth adding that THC-O vape on the market is packed with flavor and is a perfect match for people who don’t like the original herb taste.

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