Telecom network management – improve your work

Telecom network management – improve your work

What is important in management?

To manage a project or a team of people, several things are important. Of course, one of them is setting the scope of responsibilities by the manager and then checking the results, how the process works and constructive feedback. So that the employee knows what to improve – this is a very important issue. Telecom network management will also be somewhat based on this.

Telecom network management – how it should work

Telecom network management and how it could work

The network must be controlled to check how it works. Information is needed to manage and optimize. The information can be obtained only by well-adjusted measures and reports. Because you will not improve what you can not measure. However, very often there is a lack of information about what and how we should measure and what should be improved. Telecom network management need network performance monitoring. What is this? The solution, that monitors the correct functioning of the network by analyzing KPI parameters defined by the user. Thanks to detailed information about the efficiency gathered by the system, they will provide us with specific knowledge based on what is known what should be corrected or changed. SunVizion is one of the companies that produces such solutions, so if you want to know more, we refer you to their official website or to contact SunVizion representatives directly.

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