How does technical documentation preparation help in project implementation?

How does technical documentation preparation help in project implementation?

Technical partner 3DI info – some facts from the company’s life

Did you know that in 2005 the renowned Alcatel-Lucent company won a ten-year contract for the design and construction as well as continuous development of a converged, fast telecommunications network along motorways in England? For the company it was a great achievement, which presented a lot of challenges for employees. This is how the cooperation of Alcatel-Lucent with 3DI info started in 2006. The task of 3DI info was to remain a technical partner and create technical documentation preparation.

technical documentation preparation

Technical documentation preparation made by 3di Info

The company had to deal with, among others, such a problem as the dispersion of engineers between three locations, as well as to allow authors’ access to engineers and source materials. The changing delivery times in a very short time were also a challenge. How did 3DI Info do? Well, specialists prepared technical documentation preparation, which was published in several versions of more than 100 technical documents that described the telecommunications system created by Alcatel-Lucent.
The cooperation of both companies lasted continuously for four years, when 3DI Info specialists delivered the content to Alcatel-Lucent on time and very efficiently, which in turn enabled checking and approving each document, which was a key issue for the project completion. Any content created under the watchful eye of 3DI Info specialists? Among others, project descriptions, test results reports, test plans confirming the design, implementation plans, operating and maintenance manuals.

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