Suede leather elevator shoes – for men, with class

Suede leather elevator shoes – for men, with class

In the cabinet of an elegant man who lives according to minimalism, we find three models of footwear. These are elegant brown and black shoes as well as shoes for everyday use, so-called sneakers.

Classic men’s footwear

suede leather elevator shoes

Interestingly, these footwear models will allow us to create absolutely any styling, both for work and for special occasions, such as going to the theater or on a date, as well as for a loose meeting with friends at the weekend or after work.¬†There are many models of the above-mentioned footwear on the market. Nevertheless, a short man will have a problem with choosing elegant shoes or sports shoes for the gym. Why? Due to the fact that usually short men have a small foot size. How to solve such a problem? In this case, it is worth getting interested in the products offered by the Faretti manufacturer. It is a company that produces handmade shoes that increase growth. The company’s offer includes, for example, the autumn-winter model suede leather elevator shoes.

Suede leather elevator shoes

Black suede leather elevator shoes, with a raised upper and an increased instep, thanks to which you will be 6 centimeters taller, this is the model offered by Faretti, which is available online. It is made of natural leather, therefore it is a long-lasting assortment. Shoes are available in men’s sizes from 37 to 45 so you will definitely find a size that will suit you!

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