Straps back – an attractive lingerie detail!

Straps back – an attractive lingerie detail!

Straps back – details that work!

look at this straps back close upLooking for something exclusive, something that will add some power to your everyday dress code? Ok, that’s good – we are looking for women thinking this way. We want people who appreciate details and know very well how attention works – and that in times like this there is an immense focus on details.  Details like back straps

All that we ever wanted – that is professionally – is to be a company that is founded on the care for details. Because we appreciate the power of. So,  let’s back to the concrete example, and let’s get to back to back straps! Straps are little belts, but not necessarily made of leather or suede – quite the opposite, it’s the material that gives so much freedom to the designers and offers an effect so strong for these women who decide to give it a chance.

What are they anyway?

promees makes bra straps for back and frontSo, those straps, attached to the lingerie, quite literally working as a detail remind that there is a lingerie, piece of underwear underneath one’s clothes, works. It adds some strange qualities to the dress code.

The profit

It has become quite a trend, really – it’s really sufficient to look at tumblr or something like that. Therefore straps back have found their place not only for the evening dresses etc., but also for a daily basis, smart casual style. Then it works really well, making an usual clothes, used for a day like any day in the office, but adding something mysterious, exclusive, special to it.

Might also add comfort for the day. Try it out yourself!

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