Social thinking – what is it and what’s crucial about it?

Social thinking – what is it and what’s crucial about it?

Social thinking – what is this?

social thinking presnets itself in a dialogueIt’s more clear what this is when it fails, somehow. The But there are failures that are within some reasonable models yielding error, mistakes etc., as well as there are some of those difficulties with social thinking that render people needing some support in order to develop personally, grow and be able to think about other agents, needs, in a group more efficiently.

But let’s start with the basics – what is social thinking anyway? Well, it’s a weird question, since we might ask, whether there really is a thinking that is not social?

There is a body of research within the field of developmental psychology that suggests that thinking is inherently conntected and intertwined with relationships and is social.

But if thinking in general emerges from being in relationshps and developing mind patterns of world representation – let’s be representationists for a while here – it is also thinking in general, and there is a separate kind of thinking that is labeled as “social”.

What else?

opens the world - social thinkingIt would be thinking needed to be in relationships with other people, dynamic thinking, allowing one to represent other peoples’ perspectives and so on.

But if thinking emerges from being in relationships, it also means that better social thinking – in terms of the type of mental faculty that allows one to form better social bonds, might actually influence quality of thinking in general – not only about relationships, but also other kinds.


This is a reasoning that may not be supported by prima facie evidence. So let’s treat this as a thought experiment, open for discussion and falsification, as science generally is.

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