Slide Plus sliding doors – is it really a relevant solution for your house?

We tend to like things that are compact. There could be several reasons to this. First of them is minimalism, while the other one is practicality.  This is where Slide Plus comes, adapting to both of these concepts. It looks great and doesn’t take too much space form your room, so it fits perfectly even in the smaller flats. But how does it actually work? How is it built? Let’s take a closer look into its specification.

Slide plus window cross-section

Is Slide Plus a good choice?

Sliding doors made with Slide Plus technology consist of frame with three chambers and on chamber leaf. In addition to that, it uses thermal break. The door itself slide on outer tracks or specifically cut profiles, made to perfectly fit into your home.  However, you’re not limited to the ones we he have in our offer. If there is such need, you are able to specify such requirements as color, dimensions or amount of extra profiles if you’d like to.

slide plus windows cross section

Is Slide Plus a proper choice for you?

Definitely. It’s pros are hard to oppose. For example: 2 years warranty, and it’s just the beggining. To add more, let’s mention CE certificate. Slide Plus is a solution that combines simplicity with ingenious design and wonderful performance. It fits perfectly in small flats and rooms, where space is heavily limited due to space inself or other things being in the way. Also, dimension of these products are not fixed. Therefore, you are able to get in touch with the producer and have these for you with the specification you give.

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