The Winstedt one school for special needs Singapore

The Winstedt one school for special needs Singapore

Children versus learning

Modern teaching is focused on results, teaching for tests that check whether children have mastered the material. The whole teaching system is based on assessments and yet every child differs from knowledge and often understands the issue, but can not express it in a satisfactory way, for the teacher. Another issue is the fact that some children learn faster, the second slower, and in a class where, for example, 20 people, a teacher, there is no possibility of observing and reacting when several pupils or one is not keeping up with the material being realized. School for special needs Singapore – this can be a solution

Winstedt – school for special needs Singapore 

school for special needs singapore

Children who have some learning difficulties – are distracted, do not find themselves in the environment, have dyslexia require a different approach. First of all, they should be treated individually, which in the ordinary school has no time or conditions. School for special needs Singapore  like Winstedt are created just to help such people to start in adult life. Teach them the necessary skills in a convenient and comfortable way for them. Winstedt is a school that for years has been teaching children with learning difficulties and successes. Small classes, specialized teaching staff and an individual approach to students – this is what distinguishes this school.


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