School for special needs Singapore – why we need this?

School for special needs Singapore – why we need this?

Lokal and international school in Singapore

In Singapore, there is both local and international education. This solution is used in many places around the world, which works well. Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world, which is why both private and international schools have to maintain a particularly high level. The education system based on the British pillar is usually present in both education sectors. Importantly, the majority of children – foreigners – attend international schools, while the Singaporean children are allowed to take education in an international school (with exceptions, of course).¬†Interestingly, in Singapore the science base is science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The level of education is really high. Such pressure does not affect every child well. That’s why there is a school for special needs Singapore like Th Winstedt School.

School for special needs Singapore –¬†the advantages of choosing such education

school for special needs singapore winstedt

In local high schools, there are around 30 students at the class. Even in international schools, where classes are already smaller (20-15 students) and this is done by a teacher and an assistant, our child may not be found. Maybe you can not keep up with the material being presented, maybe the teacher does not have time to individualize your child with the issue. In Winstedt – school for special needs Singapore is the time for that. This is a place for people with dyslexia and other learning problems, where children cooperate with therapists.

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