Salamander bluevolution 92 by Aikon Distriburion

Salamander bluevolution 92 by Aikon Distriburion

Windows for your home

When choosing windows for the home, we are guided mainly by aesthetics. We want the windows to be small or large, spaced in strategical places to allow light into the functional rooms or optically enlarge small rooms. However, that’s not all. The technical side of window selection is also very important. Salamander bluevolution 92 it’s one of those window models that you should consider when choosing windows for yourself.

Salamander bluevolution 92 – A class

salamander bluevolution 92 windows for homes

What does it mean that windows belong to the class a? Class A profiles make window frames and sashes more resistant to deformations and bending, even for large sizes. What’s more, the salamander bluevolution 92  model like no other guarantees unmatched protection against moisture, noise and heat loss. The window profile model we recommend has heat insulation and energy efficiency. This profile is dedicated to the construction of ultra-low energy buildings, but not only! And these are serious arguments for choosing this product. Remember that windows are really a one-off expense, so it’s worth focusing on the fact that the option chosen by us is not only the cheapest, but also adequately protects the inhabitants of a given building. Do you want to know more about him? Visit the Aikon Distribution website.


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