Rehau Geneo – what are those “passive houses”?

Rehau Geneo – what are those “passive houses”?

Rehau Geneo – introduction

this too is Rehau GeneoRehau Geneo are windows – but there are windows and windows nowadays, well. It’s definitely not a piece of glass to look through – as technology and materials progress, windows may become more and more complex technologies, allowing one to achcieve really interesting and sought-after for a long time goals.

So, this is where we comeback to Rehau Geneo – these windows were designed to serve as an isolation basis for passive houses. In order to understand what Rehau Geneo windows really are, we need to shed some light on the concept of a passive house.

But first thigs first – if you need some technical background and want to know some details about how Geneos are built, what are the technical parameters and stuff, make sure you click this link and check the information of the page there:,p39

Hey house, do you even passive?

Rehau Geneo are someehere around...Passive houses – the name might not be all that intuitive and some explanation may be needed – so here it comes. Basically, it’s all about energy efficiency. It’s about diminishing the exploitation of the planet’s resources, that we do in order to produce the energy that is necessary for our houses to be warm inside when it’s cold outside.

You can start diminshing the exploitation in several ways – for instance, start buying energy made of renewable sources or start producing your own – for instance PV is this thing. Also, you can try to diminish the demand for the energy trying to plug the palces where there is energy loss. Rehau Geneo windows do exactly this.

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