Quickstream v1.3.0 – a new version of QuickStream software!

Quickstream v1.3.0 – a new version of QuickStream software!

The most important goal of the QuickStream is to develop constantly. The new technology field is developing in a super fast. That’s why we need to try to update our software all the time. This is a reason why we create Quickstream v1.3.0 update of our platform and service.

Quickstream v1.3.0 new feature update

Quickstream v1.3.0 new versionQuickstream v1.3.0 version is not obligatory. The old version still will be functioning properly. What change? Now you can analyze much more UDP statistics. Now it will be possible to view 9 statistics of both input and output in the same tame. Other monitored statistics are Link Bandwidth, RTT, CC errors, CC errors per hour, and many others. Thank to implementing this solution you can catch much more faster in any case that any error will appear. Additionally, you can read data with clear and visible graphs. Thank’s to this will be easier to read and understand it and then implement changes. Graphs are available for all available statistics.

Easier management thanks to the new version of the software

In Quickstream v1.3.0 you will be able to see historical statistics. It is really important to take some information from there and implement new updates and solutions and make changes of a thing which wasn’t proper or don’t work well. Check more information on a blog of QuickStream!








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