Python basics for IT beginners

Python basics for IT beginners

Python for ambitious beginners

Python is not only a snake!Python basics in programming? Well, if you ever asked a friend, someone who works in IT about which programming panguage is really good to invest in in terms of both time dedicated for learning and the finances you need to allocate for courses, etc., and goal here is clear and it’s landing a good job in IT, coding, etc., a true career turnaround and preferably in no time, and in case of a career changeto IT, which is, all in all, a tech industry.

Our offer for those like you

Well, if you have been asking those questions around, you probably have found out about

among many technologies, Python is an interesting one¬†Python so far – being a powerful yet quite, and relatively easy, programming language to get a hang on, even for those who may have not had any direct contact with coding so far. So, if you are still interested, here’s a deal for you. After a line of successes with our online SQL courses, Vertabelo Academy lauched brand new line of courses in Python exactly. More info on that is to be found here:

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