Puma basket heart lunar lux – fancy shoes for girls

Puma basket heart lunar lux – fancy shoes for girls

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Spring is the time when we can see new collections of clothes, accessories and shoes for the spring and summer season. It is at the turn of winter and spring that trends are created that will apply until autumn!
Now, we already know what will be fashionable and what to wear to look stylish. Sneakers as in the previous spring / summer season reign in casual stylizations. Fashionable are those pretty white, black or powdered pink, in the minimalist version or retro-styled sport shoes. Puma basket heart lunar lux is a model that perfectly fits in 2019. Check why.

Puma basket heart lunar lux – for jeans and dresses

puma basket heart lunar lux powder pink

Puma basket heart lunar luxit ‘s a model of shoes, in the color of powder pink, which is one of the most fashionable in the spring season. Shoes with a slight glow, on a white sole with the addition of a charming bow with satin material. It is this bow and combination of satin with brilliance that makes these sneakers a unique model that, interestingly, is universal. You can put it on a sweatshirt dress, a small black denim mini skirt or jeans or chino pants. hey work in styles with airy, maxi dresses that conquer the world of fashion and 3/4 or 7/8 trousers. You can also put them on leggings, creating a sporty, everyday look with a bit of girlish style. As for color, powder pink looks good in combination with basic colors like beige, brown, black, white or gray. Nevertheless, this season we focus on originality! You can dress them up in a red dress, green pants, blue, jeans and even orange!

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