Psychologist in Australia. The rural one.

Psychologist in Australia. The rural one.

“Psychologist Australia” – querying that in Google?

In cities it's easier, psychologist Australia is difficult to find when outside of itFinding a psychologist in Australia, the difficulty of the process, is directly linked to whether you are trying to find one while staying in the city, or more generally, an urban area, so also quite close, a in a relative proximity to the city, or in a rather rural part of a country.

Inhabitants of the latter have it harder – and way harder, really, and with them in mind, for a huge part, was created Lysn.

Lysn closes the geo-gap with its service

Basically, it’s a platform offering Skype-like connections, but with professional, qualified and attested under Australian law professionals in the area of mental health and well being.

Psychologist Australia -keep searching and make sure you'll check Lysn!The sessions, comprised in a plans – coming in 2 versions – are therefore affordable, with most of the logistic costs cut out, and there is also a significant possibility of a professional accepting also hours of consultations that’d be non standard, off the regular typical 9 to 5 time of work, therefore increasing their reach.

And for the people looking for consultations, making it more possible to get in touch, and start a therapy maybe, too, if that was a suggestion that stemmed from earlier contact with a Lysn-collaborating Australian psychologist, or other.

If you’re interested, grab some more information at the source:

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