Promo tents – who can advertise with that?

Promo tents – who can advertise with that?

Promo tents – answer is that everyone!

But further questions arise almost immediately – how, everyone? Let’s say, a software house, can they really advertise themselves with promo tents? Oh come on, we all know that their finest advertisement will be digital.

raw promo tents look like thisWell, yes and no. Things like promo tents still can be done well. Let’s take an example of the fastest growing polish start up which advertised itself with a huge banner that conveyed a provocative message. This was done kinda well.

And the opinion voiced here is that promo tents still work for those really at this point more virtual companies than material – but this will be a kind of marketing surprise and will work to your advantage.

A hypothetical case study

In the end, how many promo tents with software house logos have you seen? This space is cleared from them, which makes it easy for taking, of course the point is to pick the one that is highly likely to be crowded with, let’s say, potential emplotyees if that’s what you’re doing, expanding, head hunting, looking for talents – and to be honest, every software

promo tents like this one might just work

 house is constantly on a roll with that.

So imagine a high quality promo tent advertising a software house located within a proximity from a technical university, where HR department would be represented and even basically CVs could be left, submitted for recruitment process.


This sound kinda appealing to me, and I think that it would like this way to the potential candidates for employees, interns etc. No? More info here:

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