Postgres COALESCE – quick guide

Postgres COALESCE – quick guide

Postgres COALESCE – tip on how to tackle nulls

Looking for information on how to use Postgres COALESCE? Or tackle nulls in general? Vertabelo Academy is here to have your back in your journey of SQL learning?

Postgres COALESCE discussed in a blog

As the Academy, we are offering resources for people who want to learn SQL quickly. Query language teaching method applied here is on the job.

That smply means that our priority, skillfully expressed in the construction of the tasks included in the courses of Vertabelo Academy, are all about making you – a beginner – a person who uses all the basic tools necessary to quickly tackle as many data science specific issues as possible. With this approach, it’s the most certain way to get you to find a job in data science, if that’s your priority.

Nulls, and more… data world is waiting for you!

So, if facing a problem implying understanding and using a method that will allow you to deal with nulls, using Postgres COALESCE, if that’s the database management system you’re using, is, for one, strongly recommended, and secondly, explained with clarity on Vertabelo Academy blog, full of learning resources, too, on specific topics, concise and informative. For instance, teaching you how to use Postgres COALESCE.

For more information, see here:

looking on how to use Postgres COALESCE?

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