Lysn online psychologist is a psychologist. Period.

Lysn online psychologist is a psychologist. Period.

It’s perfectly understandable, that words such as “online psychologist” are likely to be deemed suspicious.

And the reasons are plenty

sometimes there's only an online psychologist to work withFor starters, there weere those cases, even if not in Australia itself, when people with no psychological, academic qualifications, were offering their services as psychologists.

With Lysn – an online platform for finding a psychologist to talk to over a Skype-like connection framework this is not the case, really, as all our professionals whom we accept as collaborators – online psychologist – experts working under the umbrella of Lysn, franchising in a way our brand, need to be thoroughly vetted and scrutinized as to their educational background, as well as experience.

Lysn online psychologists work for the trust

So, there’s no fear that you will stumble upon a straightoforward charlatan – with Lysn, you find psychologists. Period.

here's what's important, and online psychologist is a means to an endSo, for all of you, who find the idea appealing and have noticed the obvious advantages – cost effectiveness, truly flexible schedule, and, on top of that, complete privacy of the material, without even need to leave home to consult with an online psychologist – you need to read on, so click the link and find yourselves on our homepage:

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