Online psychologist – is that even legit?

Online psychologist – is that even legit?

We can make you feel more sure about the idea of an online psychologist

or that, for that matter - still talking about Online psychologistAn online psychologist – but a legit one, not a mere “coach”, in a bad sense of the word, only offering unfounded suggestions about what should one do with the choices encountered in one’s life.

Nah. Never.

Lysn is an innovative platform, offering access to the professional, qualified under Australian regulations, mental health care professionals, for a purpose of fully valuable online consultations.

Safety does come first here

This service, to be able to fulfill the promise needs to make sure that any consultations and 100% secure and private, and that is so. While the interface is basically Skype like, the whole material is always safe, and therefore the contents of the consultations remain 100% private, with all the data storaged on Australian shores.

On top of that, online psychologist offers a wide a range of services, as the regular one, with a surgery, when meetings are possible.

some testing and diagnosing is also possible via Online psychologistAnd while any evidence about different types of psychological intervention working were done in the natural setting, for some this my be the chance, as for the persons from rural areas, accessing a psychologist is difficult.

For more to digest, here’s our info-infused homepage:

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