Onion IoT

Onion IoT

One of the many available minicomputers we can find in good electronic parts shops is Onion IoT, which made its debut in 2016 and since then has been competing with popular devices from Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Onion IoT continues to enjoy great popularity and is gaining new users who create projects on this boards.

What makes the Onion IoT stand out from other minicomputers

The story of Onion IoT began with a fundraiser on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It was there that curious users of this device could support its creation. Onion IoT works with Linux, making it a popular choice for many programmers. In addition, the manufacturer is constantly releasing new modules and versions of its platform.

Applications of the Onion IoT boards

Onion IoT tiles are used wherever there is no need for high computing power, which will not be used by a large part of the designers. Onion IoT deserves attention, because it is the smallest module for building solutions for Internet Things in the world.

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