React native vs native mobile app development – what is a better solution?

React native vs native mobile app development – what is a better solution?

native mobile app developmentWhat to choose?

Undoubtedly, practically every company should already have not only its website but also a mobile application. It turns out that nowadays more and more global web traffic is realized by mobile devices. Therefore, with a functional mobile application you can definitely reach a new customer. However, there is a basic issue: react native or native mobile app development – which solution to choose? Do you know how they differ? Well, the first popular solution is cross-platform development using such a framework as Reach Native – thanks to that the code will be readable for both Android and iOS.

So maybe native mobile app development is the best solution?

This depends primarily on the goal you want to achieve. Currently Android and iOS are the two most popular systems, so most companies decide to build a mobile application readable on both systems. When it comes to native mobile app development, the application is built on Android and iOS using your separate codebases: Java and Kotlin for Android, Swift or Objective-C for iOS. Both solutions have pros and cons. Therefore, before you choose the right solution, first of all think about where you want to invest your time and resources.

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