IT market in Poland on the path of growth

IT market in Poland on the path of growth

How does the IT market in Poland look today?

According to PMR experts, the IT market in Poland is steadily growing. The segments of mobile applications, IT security and cloud computing are developing most dynamically.  An interesting area that needs to be observed is IoT – Internet of Things.

While new players are appearing on the IT market every year, the same big companies are still at the forefront of the industry. Major brands of the industry include: Microsoft, Lenovo, HPE and Asseco Poland.

In the IT industry, both B2C and B2B segments are very important. Small household purchases are predominant in the consumer segment, but it is important that the value of products purchased is growing steadily, year by year. In turn, the business segment brings very high one-time spending on hardware, software and IT services. Banks, financial institutions and telecommunication companies are key clients of the B2B segment, because of the specific nature of their businesses that requires constant new investments in technology.

What are the challenges facing companies on the Polish IT market?

Despite a stable growth, the situation in the industry is not ideal. IT market in Poland needs to cope with some serious challenges. On one hand, there are factors related to human capital – it is more and more difficult to find a very good IT professional who is eager to change his employer. On the other hand, there are some financial barriers. Many companies simply cannot afford all IT investments that they really require.

How to develop a business on the IT market in Poland?

IT market in Poland is very tempting for new investors, but it is not easy to succeed in it. The risk of failure can be limited by applying effective business strategies and plans – based on reliable data about the market, competitors, suppliers, distributors, and customers.

To help companies in their endeavours, experts from PMR Consulting & Research regularly investigate the IT market in Poland. They assess its current situation and growth prospects. Researchers search data about – among others – competitors and customers, as well as indicate market, consumer and technological trends affecting the sector. Based on the data gathered, analysts estimate the dynamics of market development that can be expected in the coming years. And business consultants work with individual companies – develop for them investment strategies, business development plans and tactical programmes for sales and marketing.

This kind of expert support is used by market players already active in the industry. It helps them in better recognising the competitive environment or in modification of product or marketing strategy. But all the market data, econometric models and expert recommendations also help new investors while making strategic decisions. They enable them to find answers for many important questions. Is it worth investing in the IT market in Poland? What business model should be adopted? How to develop sales and distribution plans? Which marketing channels and tools to apply?

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