Many storage columns – innovation in warehouse

Many storage columns – innovation in warehouse

Are you looking for a solution that will allow your warehouse space to be managed much better and your stored goods to last much longer? Wondering how to make sure that every bit of space is used properly?

Storage in simplier way

With help comes an innovative solution developed by space management specialists – many storage columns solution. Thanks to this innovative method of operation in the production space, every product will find its place. The solution is especially dedicated to those entrepreneurs who store long, heavy products. Fully automated system, additionally adjusted to individual needs of the contractor, is a remedy for problems in everyday workspace.

Many storage columns for your business.

How does the many storage columns system work?

Thanks to its construction and ergonomic method of access to stored goods, many storage columns is an option for storing pipes, metal sheets, rods and other bulky elements which should be safely placed in the warehouse. High and small in diameter, they maximize the use of space, thus reducing the cost of maintaining a large storage hall. It is also worth noting that many storage columns are a solution that can be combined with a dedicated IT system, and the storage of goods can also take place outdoors. Gentle handling, loading and unloading of goods is in turn a chance to reduce damage.

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