Maharishi military-themed clothing – quality since 1994

Maharishi military-themed clothing – quality since 1994

Military theme in the fashion industry and men’s fashion

The military theme returns like a boomerang to the world of fashion, once dominating in clothing or sports footwear for men and women. In 2019, we loved khaki pants that resembled those of a military uniform. A year earlier, we wore camo-themed clothes. Is there room for military style in 2020? Of course! An example can be, for example, martens and similar design footwear, which in the women’s version is worn by popular celebrities and influencers to mini skirts or tight dresses, often to satin midi skirts, which can be seen on popular social media profiles. In the male edition, military themes are and will always be fashionable. An example of this could be the maharishi military-themed clothing brand founded in 1994.

maharishi military-themed clothing

Maharishi military-themed clothing

Recently, the approach to military motives as universal and timeless is very popular. Especially in the fashion sector, called streetwear. Maharishi military-themed clothing is one of the biggest leaders on the fashion market that has been offering its customers clothing that uses military functionality and simplicity for years. The Maharishi company name comes from Sanskrit, it means “great seer” and is a tribute to ancient Indian scientists. The founder of the Hardy Blechman brand has always focused on the use of natural fibers and organic cotton of the highest quality. Currently, Marta cooperates with the global giant – Nike. In 2020, the Maharishi brand offers projects based on a combination of military, industrial, technical and oriental motifs – dragons, snakes or tigers.

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