Machine learning moderation and the near future

Machine learning moderation and the near future

Machine learning moderation solutions

There’s this projection that until 2050 or so, a distinctive portion of the jobs recognized so far will need to go, completely, due to significant advances in the automatization – i.e. machine learning solutions – among these, in content moderation.

Machine learning is like those neurons, but virtualSome of them, may we say, it’s even good for us, humans, that no man will ever have to do that, since the very job in the first place stemmed from an ultra quick exchange of data – in text, audio or video formats – with was yielded by the digital networks, covering all the planet, making it possible to both send and receive the data, regardless of the place of residence (there may however, be some, not at all small exceptions, such as Chinese Web Firewall, where the political divisions reach also the digital world, not leaving a domain outside of it), but also to work with the data – just look at the recent surge of IT jobs in south east Asia, for instance, India.

Read on – the future is at our heels

Machine learning moderation detects the suspicious elements immediatelySo, take for instance, image content moderation – that, being, something that human teams could do, and have done, for the internet big players, too, Google, Twitter, but well developed machine learning solutions that learns the patterns of any inappropriate content, is so much more useful, scalable, and available now.

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