Luminaire systems- what as a producer you should know about him

Luminaire systems- what as a producer you should know about him

Systems connected to the lighting – everything for the convenience of the customer

The market is so huge and many devices as well as products and even services that we will find on the international market may already be a bit outdated solutions. Due to the fact that customers are looking for modernist and intelligent solutions that facilitate the daily use of a given product or an easy way of operating a given service. Therefore, it is worth checking whether in a given industry in which we operate as a company, there have not been developed solutions that you can hollow into the production or operation of your enterprise. At the same time, modernizing the company and its operations and meeting the expectations of customers in the 21st century. One of such solutions is definitely luminaire systems, proposed by the international company Silvair.

modern luminaire systems

Luminaire systems – How does this work?

If you are a lighting manufacturer, you definitely want to provide your customers with a number of solutions that give customers access to full, intelligent lighting. To do this, you need wireless lighting control solutions, such as luminaire systems. Silvair offers advanced lighting control strategies based on sensors and switches that support Bluetooth technology. These, in turn, support the transmitted wireless Bluetooth mesh and decide which lighting control commands are to be used in each luminaire. Thanks to the lighting control firmware that Silvair offers, intelligent lighting can work in domestic as well as industrial spaces and more.

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