Long goods storage system

Long goods storage system

Do you run a company that stores and uses long and heavy components? We know how much space can be taken up by sheet metal and pipes in a warehouse or hall. In addition, large dimensions cannot always be stored safely. That is why our company has created an automated rack, which facilitates this process. The LogiTower long goods storage system is the ideal device for use in many industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Long goods storage system for your company

Advantages of the LogiTower long goods storage system

The automatic system LogiTower for storing long goods is designed for every business on request. LogiTower uses the available height of the facility to store goods ergonomically and completely safe. The advantages of this device also include integration with other IT systems and machines used in the company, e.g. for laser cutting.

Long goods storage system LogiTower is a solution that you can use in your company to improve many production and logistics processes. We deal not only with production, but also assembly and integration of this device. https://logitower.eu/en/offer/logitower-for-storing-long-goods/

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