Live tv distribution network managed by a cloud platform

Live tv distribution network managed by a cloud platform

QuickStream company has a well-precise goal. Create a technology will allow delivering content in a faster and less complicated way each professional and fields which are based on live video content. In that way, knowledge of the QuickStream team creates a tool which is supporting live tv distribution network.

Live tv distribution network simpler than never before

live tv distribution network cloud systemThe live tv distribution network provided by our cloud platform has all benefits of SRT protocol. It means that security, reliability, ultra-low latency is delivered by software. If you would like to share content with others, you can do this only by one click of a button. The comfortable panel which allows managing all content in one place. Moreover, you can monitor the quality of all connection sources. Easy firewall traversal which no demand IT support required.

Advantages of QuickStream solutions

Thanks to this platform you can obtain live tv distribution network at a great cost to quality ratio. Additionally, you can monitor progress of all distribution and preview all changes. Management is extremely useful and easy to implement from the beginning. To see how it works you can obtain free trial and check if your platform is useful and easy to manage. This solution can improve a lot of industries for example Broadcasters, digital platforms, production companies, and media distribution companies.

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