Light for custom glass shelves – how to use them?

Light for custom glass shelves – how to use them?

Lighting the furniture with light

It would seem, that the lighting of individual furniture is a somewhat old-fashioned technique for making specific places in our living rooms or bedrooms or other rooms additionally lit. For this purpose, spot lighting or energy-saving LED strips are more often used. However, there are situations when light for custom glass shelves are absolutely not necessary! When does this happen? Well, mounting the lighting directly on the shelves will have very good use in dark kitchens, where the possibility of mounting spot lighting or the use of a floor lamp is not so simple. Another place where this type of treatment will work are wardrobes or bathrooms. Usually these are rooms in which we do not have a natural light source, i.e. windows. Therefore, we need good indoor lighting using artificial light sources to make the room functional.

light for custom glass shelves - how to use it

Light for custom glass shelves

Where else will the use of light for custom glass shelves be most desirable? This type of lighting is mainly used to illuminate glass shelves in display cases in exclusive stores, showrooms or showrooms. You can also illuminate a table or bar in pubs or restaurants. It is also worth mentioning that the clips have the ability to control and change the lighting program using the RGB controller. Just buy the right driver to get access to 20 programs including 16 static and 4 dynamic modes. Where to buy these products? Of course, in the Future House Store!

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