Getting a job in IT – how long does it take?

Getting a job in IT – how long does it take?

Thriving job market segment – IT!

he's got a job in IT in no time, so can youIn 3 years time, a lot can happen. Including a career turnaround. If you are looking for an exciting job, on a job market filled with diverse opportunities, a skillset that will allow you to choose between the job offers, the projects that will require your particiaption, and last but definitely not least, salaries that will definitely be satisfactory to you – It job is a good choice of career path.

But what if you have never pursued job in IT, neither as a student, nor as an employee since your graduation?

Getting a job in IT with no skills – feasible!

jobs in IT go on in teamsWell, you don’t need to worry, becuase if you have at least decent general intelligence, you can think logically, and by that we mean – fortunately or not – formal thinking that a lot of us has encountered during their time in college, it’s quite possible for you, provided the motivation part on your side shall stay strong, that learning the basic IT skillset is a matter of several months to get an IT job with zero skills at the outset – after which you’ll be able to pull of some coding job. See the roadmap here:

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