Integrated learning therapy – what is this?

Integrated learning therapy – what is this?

Learning – each of us learns differently

It is true that each of us assimilates knowledge differently. Some are visual and remember certain theories or information through pictures. Others need concentration and silence, others still learn when music flies in the background – it helps them to focus. In fact, the way in which we learn a particular material is a very individual issue, and in public schools, unfortunately, children have no choice and must all master the material in a certain way and quickly. Some children need more time to understand the issue and it is for them that integrated learning therapy has been created.

Integrated learning therapy – how it works in Winstedt School?

integrated learning therapy in winstedt school

On the example of a private school in Kallang Winstedt, we want to explain how integrated learning therapy works. The most important thing is training appropriate staff who knows how to lead not only a group of students but also an individual student. The teachers at Winstedt then undergo training Рon implementation of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Behavioral Therapy strategies within the classroom. This type of therapy assumes that teachers are ready to help the student not only during classes in classes but also individual sessions. Direct Occupational, Speech and Language, and Behavioral Therapy support within the classroom for each child is a condition.

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