iNode sensors

iNode sensors

iNode sensors are small, advanced electronic devices that allow you to monitor the environment around the office, house and apartment. Despite its small size, the teak sensor makes every tenant feel even more secure. It is a proven solution, which is more and more often used by users.

iNode sensors for your home

The iNode sensor allows you to monitor and obtain any information about the object Small device iNode sensorsduring any absence. This is probably worth the price, because often an apartment or a house is our possessions. From among iNode sensors you can choose motion, moisture, temperature and pressure sensors. Compatibility with the popular Arduino minicomputer is also one of the advantages of this device. Such a solution allows you to create your own monitoring network using iNode.

Secure your property with iNode. It’s the ideal device for every private property owner and large companies. Take a look at the entire Botland online store and choose the right sensor for you.

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