Winstedt one of individual education school Singapore

Winstedt one of individual education school Singapore

Education in Sinagpore – some important informations

The education system in Singapore was created on the pillars of the British education system, which British were colonizers of Singapore. This is one of the reasons why education in Singapore is of a high standard. According to international rankings, education in this State occupies the third place on a global scale. What is important in Singapore, teachers are assessed on the basis of their students’ progress, and the profession is very well paid. Importantly, according to ITS data, only 4% of international students and 9% of children with Permanent Residents are learning in local schools. Individual education school Singapore is therefore a kind of alternative for those who do not get into public school because, for example, they can not read or write or do not speak English

Winstedt School – individual education school Singapore

individual education school singapore kallang

The Winstedt School is a  individual education school Singapore, in city Kallang. By law in Singapore. Possibility of the right to education in international schools have children with special needs or serious health problems. An additional facilitation of learning for children with problems is the fact that in the international school which is the Winstedt class, they consist of fewer students. For 15-25 students there is 1 teacher and one supporting person respectively so-called assistant. For every parent interested in sending their child to the Winstedt School, we recommend that you not only read the information on the website. We recommend visiting the facility personally and getting acquainted with its functionalization.

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